What Our Clients Have to Say

At Pfeifer & Associates, our focus is on our clients’ safety, security, and well-being. This is why many individuals with substance use disorder and their families place their trust in our drug and alcohol treatment center.

We strive to make sure that all people who turn to us receive the assistance they require. Read the testimonials
of our clients in La Pine, Redmond, and Bend, Oregon to learn more about what we do.

“To Sally Pfeifer and associates: Thank you for your hard work and your heart behind the whole idea of Pfeifer housing. We are so grateful forever… Having a warm and safe house to establish a great foundation in Recovery is such a gift.”

– Pfeifer & Associates Client

“Thank you for always treating me so respectfully, even when I was being difficult. I appreciate how much you have helped me.”

– Pfeifer & Associates Client

“Pfeifer & Associates was a welcoming place to come when I felt like I had nowhere else to go. The counselors showed me that it was possible to begin my new life and stay clean. I am so grateful for all that Sally, Heather, and Brian have done for me and my family.”

– Pfeifer & Associates Client

“My experience with Pfeifer & Associates has been extremely positive. From the moment I phoned to schedule my first appointment, I was treated with dignity, kindness, and respect. The counselor who led the class created an environment that was very comfortable. I felt the freedom to be real and completely honest with him and my fellow group members about my sobriety journey. I felt no shame, which has helped me work thru the issues that come along with becoming clean and sober. I am truly grateful to have had excellent leadership from my counselor and the opportunity to do my outpatient treatment with Pfeifer & Associates.”

– Andrea